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If your septic system is in need of repairs or replacement, don’t wait to call Team Sewer and Water. We are your reliable septic service provider serving communities in and around Waterbury, CT.

Septic System Installation
& Repairs

Septic systems are underground mechanisms used to process wastewater resulting from daily water usage. Did you know that these structures are an excellent way to practice sustainability? By removing bacteria before releasing filtered water into the soil, they help the plant population surrounding them thrive while keeping your water system clean, making septic systems the perfect ally to protect the environment.

Whether you need an installation or repairs and maintenance for an existing system, we have you covered. The skilled pros at Team Sewer and Water have years of experience working with the latest equipment and models available and will deliver excellent results every time you choose our services!

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Say goodbye to the utility bill that covers local sewer and water costs. Septic systems allow you to be independent of municipal sewers and are less expensive to install and maintain than underground sewer lines, thus making them cost-efficient.


Properly maintained septic systems rarely need replacement. Being careful about what goes down the drain, limiting the use of harsh chemicals, and conducting routine inspections are all great ways to protect your septic system.

Environmentally Friendly

By naturally removing bacteria from your water before releasing it into the soil, septic tanks are an excellent way to ensure your water supply stays free of contaminants. Additionally, the recycled water will help nourish the surrounding plant life!

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Septic System Installations

Understanding how a septic tank works is paramount before deciding whether this system is right for your business or home. Unlike sewer systems that serve large, populated areas, septic systems are designed for private use. Concrete septic tanks are installed in the ground, collecting greywater from showers and sinks as well as blackwater from toilets.

Once inside the tank, solids sink to the bottom, and fluids are drained into underground pipes that redirect the water toward the soil, filtering it and subsequently using it as a nutrient source for the surrounding vegetation. Your trusted septic service provider will periodically remove the solids that remain in the tank.

To Repair And Replace Your Septic System

From clogs and leaky pipes to cracks and other blemishes, a variety of issues can arise over time when you have a septic system. At Team Sewer and Water, we have years of experience repairing and replacing septic systems. We are fully equipped to tackle all your septic system issues and make any needed repairs before they become a larger problem.

Whether you need a thorough cleaning and pumping or a major repair or replacement, our team of highly trained professionals has the knowledge and skills to restore your system to peak performance and will ensure your property is left in pristine condition before they depart.

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